Battle of Good and Evil in the Garden
July Garden Update

FrankenFlower: A Story of Survival

Once upon a time, in a little onion patch of a small garden, there grew a simple onion flower bud, the only onion flower bud in the entirety of the onion patch, in fact.


The kind lady gardener who tended the onion patch was very pleased to discover the little bud and became very quickly fond of it. She would come and visit the bud every day, making sure that it had enough water and fertilizing the soil around it's roots to help it grow big and strong.

The onion bud grew larger and fuller, until one day it's cone peeled away with the help of the warm, friendly wind to reveal many, many tiny white buds.


The lady gardener was thrilled to see the new onion blossom. Sometimes she would just sit and admire the onion blossom, even taking photos of it for her garden journal. She was really excited and could hardly wait to see how the blossom would look when all the tiny little buds opened and the onion flower was in full bloom!

One morning the lady gardener came into the garden to water all the plants, and there it was! Onion blossom was fully blooming and showing off it's newly opened buds with pride!


"Hooray for onion blossom!" said the lady gardener, and she ran to fetch her camera.

That night, a terrible, mean thunderstorm came through the area. "Look at that little garden! ARGH! I'm going to smash and rend with my big winds! I'll douse everything with my big rains! RAWRRRR!" 

The garden shivered with fright and everybody clung to each other in their patches of dirt with all their little, planty might.

But the lady gardener had been wise when she made her garden. She placed everyone close together so they could become good friends, and so that the taller, stronger plants could shade and shelter the smaller, more tender ones.

The mean old storm did it's worst that night, rampaging and having it's tantrum. No one really knows why the storm chose to take it's wrath out on the little wasn't really a very large storm, and it's possible that it got picked on a lot, and had turned into a bully because of it.

Whatever the case, the mean storm soon grew bored of it's wrath-making and fizzled off to find a bank of clouds to fall asleep in.

The next morning, the lady gardener came out to see how her plants had fared in the storm. There were a few bits of trash that had been blown into the garden, some leaves that had been torn from trees and even a few branches lying about, but the garden seemed fine. All the plants were beaming at her with relief at having made it through the night.

All the plants, that is, except for onion blossom.

"What's wrong, onion blossom? Why are you laying there on your side in the lettuces?" Lady gardener went over and gently lifted onion blossom up to see what had happened to it. "OH, NO! Your stem! It's broken and bruised!"

You see, onion blossom had been so curious to see the other plants outside of the onion patch, especially the frilly, colorful lettuces, that it's stem had grown very long.


Unfortunately, the blossom's stem had grown too long to be strong enough to withstand the mean storm.

And the lady gardener was so sad that the onion blossom would not get to finish out it's life (and maybe even make seeds), that she did something very drastic indeed.

She cut the blossom just above the ruined stem, and then she cut the stem way down lower to reveal the hollow tube of the onion plant's stalk. And there she gently placed the broken blossom so that it's stem was inside the tube - hopefully deep enough to get the water and nutrition it needed.

Over the next couple of days, the lady gardener saw that the tube-stem closed itself around the blossom's broken end, keeping onion blossom safe and alive.

And thus was FrankenFlower created.


Perhaps the onion blossom isn't as vibrant and lovely as it once was, and it is surely sad to be so far away from the lettuces that had become it's favorite companions, but yet it still blooms, and yet it still lives. And the lady gardener continues to watch over FrankenFlower and all the other plants in her garden.


The End.