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I have ADD and I'm Okay!

QA Testing - Not Just a Job

I've been working as a software tester since last April. I started as a total Noob. Turns out, I am a good tester and I like it, and the folks at the start up I work for also like my work, so I suddenly find that I have a new career!!

I may, from time to time write posts about my work...if I can keep the entries short and to the point. It's an interesting and challenging job, and I have found that I need to learn all the things! Well, okay, not all the things...but definitely some of the things. So far I know enough SQL, C#, Selenium, and such to be dangerous. There is far more of these languages that I don't know, than that I do know.

But as the CEO of our company likes to say, "Everyday, a little better."